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Today, I have a special treat for you – Steve Jobs “The AI” is here to continue sharing his wisdom, this time about YouTube. You may know Steve The AI as the artificial intelligence version of the visionary Steve Jobs, the man who transformed the world with his revolutionary ideas and products.

The Power of YouTube for Business Growth

YouTube is a game-changer for content creators, advertisers, and brands. With Steve The AI’s guidance, we’ll explore effective strategies for creating, promoting, and monetizing videos.

Steve The AI, a digital rendition of Steve Jobs, offers priceless insights into YouTube. This post is tailored for:

  • Content creators
  • Advertisers
  • Brand managers
  • Anyone leveraging video for growth

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Key Insights Ahead

If you’re keen on YouTube success, here are some takeaways to set the stage:

  • YouTube’s organic traffic is unmatched, making it search-friendly.
  • Evergreen content reigns supreme, drawing views over time.
  • YouTube fosters personal connections through interactions, polls, and stories.
  • Monetization options are abundant, from ad revenue to brand partnerships.
  • Intrusive ads have alternatives – like sponsorship and message inclusion.


Why YouTube Now?

YT Drives Organic Traffic


YouTube’s prowess in driving organic traffic over the long term is second to none.

  • The platform propels your videos to the top of search results, driving substantial organic traffic from Google and other search engines.
  • Evergreen content remains relevant and continues attracting views and engagement over time, boosting your channel’s visibility and reach.

Creating Evergreen Content for YouTube and Google

Creating content that ranks well on both YouTube and Google involves a few key steps:

  1. Keyword Research: Identify relevant, popular, and low-competition topics through thorough keyword research.
  2. Optimization: Utilize tools like Rank Math SEO to optimize video titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails.
  3. Engaging Elements: Employ compelling headlines, hooks, and calls to action to boost click-through rates and watch time.
  4. Enhanced Experience: Incorporate subtitles, cards, end screens, and playlists for improved user experience and retention.
  5. Professional Production: Use high-quality audio and video equipment, coupled with editing software, to create polished content.


YT Builds Trust and Loyalty

community youtube engage comment

YouTube’s social-friendly environment fosters trust and loyalty with your audience.

  • Personal connections established through videos enable you to exhibit your personality, passion, and value.
  • Engagement tools like comments, live streams, polls, and stories help you directly interact with your audience, addressing queries and showing appreciation.

Creating Personal Connections on YouTube

Engaging with your audience on a personal level can be accomplished through these means:

  1. Comments Interaction: Respond to viewer comments, expressing gratitude, addressing queries, and incorporating their feedback.
  2. Live Streams: Host live sessions to share updates, tips, or behind-the-scenes content, fostering real-time interaction.
  3. Polls Engagement: Leverage polls to ask questions, gather opinions, and boost engagement.
  4. Stories Sharing: Utilize short videos or images to share highlights, insights, and fun moments, increasing visibility and awareness.


Monetization on YouTube

YouTube monetization revenue dashboard
YouTube monetization revenue dashboard

YouTube offers an array of monetization options to turn your videos into revenue streams.

  • The YouTube Partner Program allows you to earn ad revenue from your videos, given you meet certain criteria.
  • Additional revenue sources include super chat & super stickers, channel memberships, merchandise shelf, YouTube BrandConnect, and affiliate links.

Unlocking Revenue Streams on YouTube

Here’s how you can tap into YouTube’s various revenue sources:

  1. YouTube Partner Program: Apply if you have over 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months. Ad revenue is a primary source of income.
  2. Super Chat & Super Stickers: Enable these features for live streams or premieres to earn revenue from viewer purchases.
  3. Channel Memberships: Offer exclusive perks to subscribers for a monthly fee, earning a share of membership fees.
  4. Merchandise Shelf: Showcase branded merchandise on your channel, earning revenue from sales.
  5. YouTube BrandConnect: Partner with brands for sponsored content, receiving a share of the deal amount.
  6. Affiliate Links: Include affiliate links in your videos or descriptions to earn commissions on product promotions.


No Intrusive Ads? Absolutely Possible!

marques brownlee

Intrusive ads can hinder user experience and harm your brand image. Solutions like sponsorship and message inclusion offer superior alternatives.

Sponsorship over Intrusive Ads

Sponsorship involves partnering with content creators or event organizers to promote your brand seamlessly within their content or events. Benefits include targeted audience reach, evergreen exposure, and better user engagement.

Message Inclusion for Enhanced User Experience

Message inclusion integrates your brand message naturally within the platform’s content or context. This approach ensures value delivery, organic alignment, higher click-through rates, and improved SEO.

A prime example of message inclusion is AsapSCIENCE, who seamlessly incorporates sponsored messages into educational videos.

So, are you ready to embrace sponsorship and message inclusion on YouTube? Dive in and explore these effective approaches today. Don’t forget to subscribe and enable notifications for my upcoming content. You won’t be disappointed.

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