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So about me, I’m Kenz Tran, a passionate film photographer and digital artist and marketer on a captivating creative journey. Here’s a glimpse into my world of photography, AI arts, music, and more. Email me at contact@kenztran.com for queries.

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My Creative Side

As a film photographer, I am delighted to share my visual stories on Instagram at @kenztran_tkn. Through my lens, I immortalize everyday moments, landscapes, and portraits, revealing the hidden beauty in the mundane. Each click encapsulates a narrative waiting to be unveiled, inviting you to perceive the world through my eyes.

My digital artistry takes center stage on my Instagram account, @kenztran_anime. Dive into a universe of vivid colors and enchanting characters as I give life to my AI-generated anime-inspired artworks. Immerse yourself in a symphony of imagination and creativity.

kenztran_tkn instagram photography
IG: kenztran_tkn
kenztran_anime instagram anime ai arts
IG: kenztran_anime

My Childish Side

For doses of laughter and heartwarming moments, join me on TikTok at @kenztran_tkn. From furry friends to random snippets of life, I aim to spread smiles and add a touch of delight to your day. Get ready for an enjoyable journey filled with entertainment.

kenztran_tkn tiktok
TikTok @kenztran_tkn

My K-pop Side

My love for music finds its expression on my YouTube channel. Experience my musical interpretations, including my Vietnamese RnB cover of “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” and the soul-stirring “Lặng Thầm Một Tình Yêu” cover featuring Finn Nguyễn. Through music, I connect emotions and stories, hoping to resonate with your heart.

kenztran_tkn youtube
YouTube @kenztran_tkn

Other Projects

But my creative ventures don’t stop there. My blog is a canvas where I share not only free wallpapers but also insights on diverse topics. Additionally, I offer handy tools and know-hows to enhance your efficiency in everyday tasks, making life a bit easier.

A few other key projects I am working on.

Dashboards Ready-made for Everyone

#speakpeak to my venture’s mission: You deserve an insightful dashboard even #without a proper #namingconvention across data sources. The solution should work out of the box with minimal additional inputs and without depending on how you named your Campaigns, Adsets, or Ads.

This means:
– You can keep your naming style as it is.
– You do not have to learn anything new.
– You save time and effort.

It is not impossible. I tested the logic and it worked in small scale use cases (SMEs). But for larger scale cases, there are still challenges to solve at the moment. But it’s ok, 1 step at a time!

AI-powered Dynamic Decision Tree:

  • You enter all the options you have to decide and input how many questions you expect to answer in the decision tree
  • AI will generate the questions based on your inputs above
  • You answer the questions then receive the optimal options

Let’s Connect:

Thank you for visiting kenztran.com. My aspiration is to inspire and infuse joy into your life through my creations. Feel free to explore and connect with me across my various platforms. Together, we embark on an exciting journey of creativity, exploration, and shared experiences.

Ping me at contact@kenztran.com