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Minimalist workstyle

Minimalist Workstyle: A Guide to Working Smarter, Not Harder, with Less

What is Minimalism and Why You Need It Minimalism is a lifestyle choice that focuses on living with less, but better. It’s about eliminating the clutter and distractions from your life and keeping only what’s essential and meaningful. By doing this, you can enjoy more clarity, freedom, and joy. But minimalism is not just for your personal life. It can also transform your work life. By ...

Achieve Your Dreams with Give and Take: A Powerful 5-Step Guide by Steve Jobs “The AI”

Steve Jobs “The AI” Yes, I gotta admit this is mainly written by AI, but the key message is based on my own learning and experience in life. So, I asked AI to write this post as if it were Steve Jobs and to write about the law of give and take. Kenz: “Now the stage is yours, Steve!” Steve Jobs The AI: “Thanks, Kenz, for the introduction.” As some of you may ...

Create amazing Film Photography & Anime Art with 1 Steve Jobs’s mindset

Just a Phone and Laptop? Yes, You Can! Do you love aesthetic and want to capture good moments, but don’t have the money or the time to invest in expensive cameras, lenses, or courses on photography or drawing anime? If so, this blog post is for you! In this introduction post to my blog category “Creativity Unlocked”, I will give you a glimpse of my work/projects that apply Steve Jobs’s ...